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The EyeCare Center’s approach to eye care is different than anything you or your family have experienced before.

Yearly Vision & Eye Health Exam

Our Yearly Vision and Eye Health Exam includes a thorough analysis of your vision system to provide you the most accurate visual correction, as well as a comprehensive 12-point evaluation of the health of your eyes. Drs. Thompson, Olson and staff use only the latest in state of the art technology to determine what is best for you and the health of your eyes. Our efforts will be coordinated with your primary care provider and healthcare specialists to ensure all aspects of your general health are addressed as they relate to your eyes. We will provide unsurpassed eyecare with the utmost respect for your time and quality of life.

24-Hour Emergency Eye Care

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Emergency EyeCare Conditions Include:

Pink Eye

Metal or Foreign Material in the Eye

Contact Lens Pain or Injury

Chemicals in the Eye

Red, Swollen, or Painful Eyes

Injuries to the Eye

Sudden Loss of Vision

Medical Eye Care

Diabetic EyeCare

EyeCare for High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

Itching, Burning, Watery Eyes

Dry Eye


Macular Degeneration


LASIK & PRK Consultations

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Lift)

Children's Vision

The EyeCare Center is committed to excellence in Children’s Vision. Our Yearly Vision & Eye Health Exam evaluates distance and near vision, eye health, and eye alignment, as well as vision function as it relates to the learning process. Treatment options available include prescription eyewear, vision therapy, and surgical correction.

Eye Exams Should Start at Age 1

It’s FREE! See To Learn provides for a free professional exam for your child.

An eye exam on your child’s 1st, 3rd, & 5th birthday will ensure proper development of the vision system and make sure that your child is ready visually to enter school.

Intervention with lazy eye or amblyopia before age 5 is much more treatable than at later stages of a child’s development.

The techniques used by our Doctors allow for accurate vision and eye health assessment of infants and non-verbal children.

Good vision is critical to learning; more than 80% of learning is achieved visually.

More than 20% of kindergarten-aged children and nearly 40% of high school-aged children have vision problems.

30% of children in special learning classes have vision problems.

More than 70% of juvenile delinquents and 60% of adults in literacy programs have vision problems.


Developmental Milestones & What To Look For

Professional Eye Exam vs. School Screening

The most common children’s vision problems such as lazy eye, eye coordination and farsightedness can be missed in screenings up to 80% of the time.

School vision screenings are a quick test of visual acuity and an important part of the cooperative healthcare effort, are are in no way a substitute for a professional eye exam by an Optometrist.

A comprehensive exam and profession interpretation is the only way to thoroughly test a child’s vision system as it pertains to the learning process.

A professional exam will include not only testing of vision, focusing and eye alignment, but also the efficiency of the vision system and eye health.